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Psychopharmacology: Drugs, the Brain, and Behavior, Hardcover, 3 Edition by Meyer, Jerrold S.


Hardcover: 3 Edition

Publication Date: 2018-03-12
Publisher: Sinauer Associates is an imprint of Oxford University Press
Hardcover : 840 pages
Edition: 3 Edition
Author: Meyer, Jerrold S.
ISBN-10: 1605355550
ISBN-13: 9781605355559

Product Description Unique in its breadth of coverage ranging from historical accounts of drug use to clinical and preclinical behavioral studies, Psychopharmacology is appropriate for undergraduates studying the relationships between the behavioral effects of psychoactive drugs and their mechanisms of action. Review "This is the best textbook out there. The prose is easy to understand, the examples are clear, and the illustrations make complex information easy to follow." -- Jeffrey Rudski, Muhlenberg College "The material is timely, thorough, and more up-to-date than many texts available. I would consider using this book for my courses. I like the book so much I would love to read the entire book." -- Cheryl Kirstein, University of South Florida, Tampa "I believe that the textbook is an amazing resource, it cites so many pivotal sources and it gives the students a very well rounded picture of psychopharmacology. I think that as long as you keep the content current, you are doing an amazing job!" -- Matthew Clasen, American University About the Author Jerrold S. Meyer is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and former Director of the interdeparmental Neuroscience and Behavior Program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Linda F. Quenzer is Adjunct Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Hartford.

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