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Real Estate Principles, 11th Edition, Hardcover, 11th Edition by Charles F. Floyd and Marcus T. Allen (Used)

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Hardcover: 11th Edition
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Publication Date: 2015-01-01
Hardcover Edition: 11th Edition
Author: Charles F. Floyd and Marcus T. Allen
ISBN-13: 9781475421736

This leading collegiate text is great for business electives or required courses in a real estate certificate or degree program. A variety of topics are covered in this edition, including legal, market analysis, real estate industry services, and financial and investment analysis concepts. Real Estate Today Close Ups, Legal Highlights, and Case Studies help clarify difficult topics and keep students engaged. This leading collegiate text offers a practical and comprehensive approach to the fundamentals of the real estate industry. Contents: Chapter 1: Why Study Real Estate? Part 1: Real Estate Legal Analysis Chapter 2: Property Rights and Legal Descriptions Chapter 3: Private Restrictions on Ownership Chapter 4: Public Restrictions on Ownership Chapter 5: Deeds and Title Examination Chapter 6: Contracts and Title Closings Chapter 7: Real Estate Leases Part 2: Real Estate Service Industries Chapter 8: Real Estate Brokerage Chapter 9: Real Estate Appraisal Chapter 10: Property and Asset Management Part 3: Real Estate Market Analysis Chapter 11: Residential Land Uses Chapter 12: Commercial and Industrial Land Uses Chapter 13: Understanding Real Estate Market Dynamics Chapter 14: Urban and Regional Economics Chapter 15: Home Purchase Decisions Part 4: Real Estate Finance and Investment Analysis Chapter 16: Residential and Commercial Property Financing Chapter 17: Risk, Return, and the Time Value of Money Chapter 18: Mortgage Mechanics Chapter 19: Analyzing Income-Producing Properties Glossary Index

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