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Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future, Paperback, Third Edition by Boyle, Godfrey

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Paperback: Third Edition
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Publication Date: 2012-11-08
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Paperback : 566 pages
Edition: Third Edition
Author: Boyle, Godfrey
ISBN-10: 0199545332
ISBN-13: 9780199545339

Product Description The provision of sustainable energy supplies for an expanding and increasingly productive world is one of the major issues facing civilization today. Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future, Third Edition, examines both the practical and economic potential of the renewable energy sources to meet this challenge. The underlying physical and technological principles behind deriving power from direct solar (solar thermal and photovoltaics), indirect solar (biomass, hydro, wind, and wave) and non-solar (tidal and geothermal) energy sources are explained, within the context of their environmental impacts, their economics, and their future prospects. Together with its companion volume, Energy Systems and Sustainability, Second Edition (OUP, 2012, 9780199593743), this book provides both perspective and detail on the relative merits and state of progress of technologies for utilizing the various "renewables." The analysis considers emissions, sustainability, cost implications, and energy security, as political and economic pressures move society towards a low-carbon future. From an overview of basic energy conversion processes to a discussion of the individual renewable sources to a concluding examination of the prospects for their integration into national and international networks, Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future, Third Edition, provides a valuable insight into prospects for the renewables. FEATURES Covers all principal sources of renewable energy currently being exploited Uses an interdisciplinary approach in considering economic, social, environmental, and policy issues Rich pedagogy including detailed color illustrations and tables of data COMPANION WEBSITE ( For students: Self-assessment questions and links to further information and up-to-date energy statistics For instructors: Figures from the book in electronic format (available to registered adopters of the book) Review Review from previous edition: "This is an excellent introductory text which deserves the widest readership". --Book Review 2004 "This is an outstanding undergraduate textbook which deserves to become the standard text. I can only urge all those who are teaching courses in the field and all students, formal or otherwise, to read and treasure this book". --Professor Robert Hill, Times Higher Education Supplement, review of the first edition of Renewable Energy. "It is high time that good textbooks on the subject become available on the market. Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future, is thus a timely and welcome addition to the existing literature on the subject...Godfrey Boyle and his team of authors have, in my view, managed to produce an outstanding textbook in which a wealth of information, including an extensive amount of data, is presented in a lucid and comprehensible form." --The Journal of Energy Literature, March 1997 "It is readily accessible to readers with a wide range of interests and abilities because the complex scientific explanations are presented separately from the main text ... the authors have presented the questions that must be considered. The book contains a wealth of information and is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in renewable energy technologies and their possible role in our future." --Nicola Pearsall, Chemistry and Industry, October 1996 25/03/1997 " excellent and timely primer...the book strikes an admirable balance between making the principles underlying the renewables as understandable as possible and endeavouring not to oversimplify important technological and economic aspects." --Resurgence, April 1997 "This book has been produced by a large, expert course team who have carefully researched the area and presented much up to date information. The book is very user-friendly, having many valuable figures, tables and boxes. There are plentiful suggestions for further reading, and student

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