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Seizure Prediction in Epilepsy: From Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Applications, Hardcover, 1 Edition by Schelter, Björn (Used)

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Hardcover: 1 Edition
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Publication Date: 2008-10-13
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Hardcover : 369 pages
Edition: 1 Edition
Author: Schelter, Björn
ISBN-10: 3527407561
ISBN-13: 9783527407569

Product Description Comprising some 30 contributions, experts from around the world present and discuss recent advances related to seizure prediction in epilepsy. The book covers an extraordinarily broad spectrum, starting from modeling epilepsy in single cells or networks of a few cells to precisely-tailored seizure prediction techniques as applied to human data. This unique overview of our current level of knowledge and future perspectives provides theoreticians as well as practitioners, newcomers and experts with an up-to-date survey of developments in this important field of research. About the Author Jens Timmer holds a Chair in Theoretical Physics and its Applications in the Life Sciences at the Physics Institute of the University of Freiburg, Germany, where he also leads the research group "Data Analysis and Modeling of Dynamic Processes in the Life Sciences". He obtained his academic degrees from the University of Freiburg. Professor Timmer has authored more than 150 scientific publications. He is specialized in developing methods from nonlinear dynamics, stochastic processes, and statistics, and applies them in the Life Sciences ranging from basic research in cell biology to clinical applications in neurology. Andreas Schulze-Bonhage is head of the Epilepsy Center at the University Hospital Freiburg, Germany. Having obtained his academic degrees at the Universities of Münster and Freiburg, he trained in epileptology in Bonn, Montreal, and Cleveland before founding the Epilepsy Center in Freiburg. Professor Schulze-Bonhage has authored more than 80 original publications in peer-reviewed neurological and neuroscience journals. He is a member of several German societies, faculty member of the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Freiburg, and member of the subcommission on clinical neurophysiology of the ILAE. Björn Schelter is a member of the research group "Data Analysis and Modeling of Dynamic Processes in the Life Sciences", led by Professor Jens Timmer at the Freiburg Center for Data Analysis and Modeling, University of Freiburg, Germany. Dr. Schelter obtained his academic degrees at the University of Freiburg. He has authored 20 publications. His research mainly focuses on the development and interdisciplinary application of multivariate time series analysis techniques.

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