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Shorin-ryu Karate: Kata (Encyclopedia of Shorin-Ryu Karate)

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Shorin-ryu is the oldest existing karate style. From this martial style, suitable for everyone, and based on natural movements, modern Japanese karate is derived. In this book, Emanuel Giordano sensei shows the execution of the kata: Kihon ichi, ni and san; Naihanchi shodan, nidan and sandan; Pinan shodan, nidan, sandan, yondan and godan; Itosu no Passai and Matsumura no Passai; Kusanku Dai. Each series of kata is preceded by a historical and technical introduction. The book also illustrates various theories, including that relating to the typical kata of style, the one concerning the cardinal points of the kata, the in-depth explanation of the meaning of Naha-te and To-de, as well as the explanation of the division in kata Shorin and Shorei. Emanuel Giordano, author of several books and articles related to the Okinawan Karate, teaches Shorin-ryu mainly in Piedmont, and since 2013 he travels to Okinawa every year, where he studies Shidokan Shorin-ryu with his Master, Maeshiro Morinobu sensei, and with the members of the Musei juku dojo and honbu dojo. Emanuel Giordano is also founder and national leader of Okinawa Karate Kenkyukai, the Italian study group of Okinawan Karate; is the national referent for the Traditional Karate of Okinawa CSEN, and has excellent relations with the Okinawan institutions.