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Social Policy for Children and Families: A Risk and Resilience Perspective, Paperback, 3 Edition by Jenson, Jeffrey M.


Paperback: 3 Edition

Publication Date: 2015-02-20
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Paperback : 336 pages
Edition: 3 Edition
Author: Jenson, Jeffrey M.
ISBN-10: 148334455X
ISBN-13: 9781483344553

Product Description The Third Edition of Jeffrey M. Jenson and Mark W. Fraser’s award-winning text, Social Policy for Children and Families, offers new evidence that a public health framework based on ecological theory and principles of risk, protection, and resilience is essential for the successful design and implementation of social policy. Written in a conversational, reader-friendly style and incorporating cutting-edge research, this carefully crafted book maps a pathway for developing resilience-based social policies. In every chapter, experts in their respective fields apply the editors’ conceptual model across the substantive domains of child and family poverty, child welfare, education, mental health, health, developmental disabilities, substance use, and juvenile justice. Recipient of the Best Edited Book Award from the Society for Research on Adolescence in 2008, the book is an ideal core text for graduate and upper level undergraduate courses and a vital resource for elected officials, policy makers, and others interested in the evolution of policies aimed at preventing problem behaviors and supporting children and families. Review "In Social Policy for Children and Families, Jensen and Fraser bring together leading experts in the institutions and service systems responsible for children and families whose circumstances place them at risk for school failure, delinquency, mental health, substance abuse and other social problems. In each chapter, authors discuss current expressions of a problem, its etiology from both a risk and resilience perspective as well as the major legislation, social policies and programs designed to help our children succeed at school and in the community. Through the book’s organization, its use of a risk and resilience framework, the emphasis on evidence-based policy and service integration, Jensen and Fraser provide us with an up-to-date analysis of the challenges facing America’s children and families and our policy and service system response. This is a must-read for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers who seek a comprehensive, integrated understanding of our health, education and social service sectors as well as of promising practices designed to help our children succeed in school and community." -- Jeanne C. Marsh, The University of Chicago "As it has been for a decade, this is the best book that is available for those who want to think beyond a single sector of services to consider how we can better serve the diverse needs of families needing resources and strategies from education, substance abuse, developmental disabilities, mental health, child welfare, health, and juvenile services."  -- Richard P. Barth, University of Maryland "By focusing on resiliency throughout this valuable text, Jenson and Fraser provide the reader with a sensitive and respectful view of at-risk children and their families. This text will be a useful guide in the child and family services field and is a must-read for those who provide services to this vulnerable population." -- Jennifer Genovese, Syracuse University "Social Policy for Children and Families is an essential text for any course on social policy for at-risk children and youth. Students will be motivated to advocate for the needs of children and families after reading this book." -- Lisa Caya, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse "This text maintains a focus on children and families but does not limit the discussion to students of social work. The inclusion of literature on each topic is wonderfully extensive, and the text provides a great reference list on each topic." -- Angela Fontes, NORC at the University of Chicago "The continuity of thoughts, consistent themes all throughout the text, and emphasizing risk and protective factors were a distinguishing feature of this text." -- Wendy Thompson, Andrews University PRAISE FOR THE PREVIOUS EDITION   "What a book! A must-read for those who provide services to at-risk ch

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