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Society and Technological Change, Paperback, Eighth Edition by Volti, Rudi


Paperback: Eighth Edition

Publication Date: 2017-01-09
Publisher: Worth Publishers
Paperback : 488 pages
Edition: Eighth Edition
Author: Volti, Rudi
ISBN-10: 1319058256
ISBN-13: 9781319058258

Product Description Engaging and insightful, Society and Technological Change introduces the study of society and technology through technology's influence on our daily lives in addition to how it has shaped societies where it's created. About the Author Rudi Volti is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Pitzer College, and he is a founding member of the program in Science, Technology, and Society of the Claremont Colleges. His books and articles have covered a variety of topics relating to the interaction of technology and society, including technology transfer to East Asia, the history of the engineering profession, the origin of frozen foods, and the history of automobile engines. He currently serves as book review editor for Transfers: The Journal of Interdisciplinary Mobility Studies.His personal encounters with technology center on cars, motorcycles, and model railroading."

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