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Student Workbook for Radiography in the Digital Age - 2nd Edition, Plastic Comb, Second Edition by Quinn B. Carroll (Used)

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Plastic Comb: Second Edition
Used: Acceptable

Publication Date: 2014-08-18
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd
Plastic Comb : 314 pages
Edition: Second Edition
Author: Quinn B. Carroll
ISBN-10: 0398081190
ISBN-13: 9780398081195

This Student Workbook for Radiography in the Digital Age is specifically designed for in-classroom use with the series PowerPoint Slides for Radiography in the Digital Age. Together with the textbook itself and the Instructor Resources CD, these products complete a full package of educational resources tailored for radiography courses in the Physics of Radiography, Principles of Imaging, Digital Image Acquisition and Display, and Radiation Biology and Protection. The Workbook is organized throughout in a concise fill-in-the-blank format, focusing on key words to reinforce students retention of the material. The wording and sequencing of questions closely mirrors the PowerPoint Slide series for each course. This Workbook strikes a perfect balance between allowing the student to concentrate on the lecture by doing minimal writing while still challenging the student to participate in classroom learning. An effective note-taking tool, it also doubles as a reinforcement tool for homework and individual study.

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