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Student Writing Intensive Group A DVD Course, DVD-ROM, 2nd Edition by Andrew Pudewa (Used)

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DVD-ROM: 2nd Edition
Used: Good

Publication Date: 2010-01-01
Publisher: Institute for Excellence in Writing
DVD-ROM : 108 pages
Edition: 2nd Edition
Author: Andrew Pudewa
ISBN-13: 9780984099016

The Student Writing Intensive is a ten-hour, plug & play seminar for your 8-11th grade student. That’s right, it’s for your student to watch and follow Andrew’s instructions. Your student will learn how to write from keyword outlines, how to outline their writings according to their assignment and how to improve their writing style…all at their own age level. What’s even better is you can let your student watch these 4 DVDs while you work with other siblings or students. Once they finish watching their assignment, you can check to be sure they understand what direction they are headed. Leave the teaching to Andrew Pudewa, author of Teaching Writing: Structure & Style. He’s used this approach for years and taught thousands of students how to improve their writing. For teachers and home educators, this course provides a model for teaching writing in a classroom. It can be used to introduce the new concepts to your students followed by writing practice.

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