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Study Guide for PE Electrical and Computer - Power Exam: Practice over 500 solved problems with detailed solutions

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'Practice makes perfect' is as applicable to passing PE exam as it is to anything else. This study guide is centered on the idea of 'problem-based' learning. It contains over 500 focused practice problems with detailed solutions based on the latest NCEES® PE Electrical and Computer - Power Exam Specification and covers all exam topics including: Measurement and Instrumentation - Special Applications - Codes and Standards - Analysis - Devices and Power Electronic Circuits - Induction and Synchronous Machines - Electric Power Devices - Power System Analysis - Protection The content of this study guide is specially developed to assist students in building knowledge base for quantitative and qualitative exam-style questions. Students will find relevant formulas, code references and explanations as part of detailed solutions. Topic specific tips are also included at the beginning of each chapter. Target audience of this book includes recent graduates as well as seasoned professionals who have been out of school for some time.