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Supervisors' Safety Manual, 11th Edition, Textbook Binding, 11th Edition

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Textbook Binding: 11th Edition
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Textbook Binding Edition: 11th Edition
ISBN-10: 0879123540
ISBN-13: 9780879123543

This manual presents the information supervisors need for the three aspects of loss control: recognizing hazards, determining levels of acceptable risk, and controlling hazards. The 11th Edition of the Supervisors Safety Manual features new chapters on the behavior-based approach to safety and regulatory issues important for supervisors. Revised content reflects changes in organization structure and management philosophies including empowered employees and self-directed teams. All technical information has been reviewed and updated. No safety program can eliminate all the risks and hazards from a job, but Supervisors Safety Manual can help you come as close to this ideal as possible. The more you know about the hazards in your workplace and how to control them, the more everyone in the company will benefit.

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