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Switch-Mode Power Supplies, Second Edition: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs, Hardcover, 2 Edition by Basso, Christophe


Hardcover: 2 Edition

Publication Date: 2014-08-18
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Hardcover : 992 pages
Edition: 2 Edition
Author: Basso, Christophe
ISBN-10: 0071823468
ISBN-13: 9780071823463

Product Description THE LATEST SPICE SIMULATION AND DESIGN TOOLS FOR CREATING STATE-OF-THE-ART SWITCHING POWER SUPPLIES Fully updated to incorporate new SPICE features and capabilities, this practical guide explains, step by step, how to simulate, test, and improve switch-mode power supply designs. Detailed formulas with founding equations are included. Based on the author's continued research and in-depth, hands-on work in the field, this revised resource offers a collection of the latest SPICE solutions to the most difficult problem facing power supply designers: creating smaller, more heat-efficient power supplies in shorter design cycles. NEW to this edition: Complete analysis of rms currents for the three basic cells in CCM and DCM PWM switch at work in the small-signal analysis of the DCM boost and the QR flyback OTA-based compensators Complete transistor-level TL431 model Small-signal analysis of the borderline-operated boost PFC circuit operated in voltage or current mode All-over power phenomena in QR or fixed-frequency discontinuous/continuous flyback converters Small-signal model of a QR flyback converter Small-signal model of the active clamp forward converter operated in voltagemode control Electronic content--design templates and examples available online Switch-Mode Power Supplies: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs, Second Edition, covers: Small-signal modeling * Feedback and ciontrol loops * Basic blocks and generic switched models * Nonisolated converters * Off-line converters * Flyback converters * Forward converters * Power factor correction From the Publisher Christophe Basso is a technical engineer at ON Semiconductor (formerly Motorola Semiconductor) in France, and a frequent contributor to power electronics magazines and conferences. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and a graduate of the Institut Polytechnique de Toulouse, where he received a MSEE and occasionally teaches. From the Author This second edition capitalizes on comments and suggestions collected over 5 years from world-wide readers. A warm "merci" to all of you! There are several key additions such as a small-signal model of the active clamp forward converter or the ac-response analysis of the QR flyback converter. Small-signal transfer functions of BCM PFC stages are also there, in current mode or voltage mode. Another important addition is the derivation of all rms currents (with a step-by-step approach so that you can follow the flow) of the three basic cells when operated in CCM but also in DCM. Results are presented in a clear and ordered form, also available in dedicated Mathcad files for those of you who want to put these equations at work. This book is for engineers who believe, as I do, that SPICE or simulation in general, can be an excellent assistant in intermediate design steps before going to the bench. Understanding power conversion theory through equations further verified by simulations and practical results are ingredients for a success that I wish to all my readers! Please note that Chapter 1 download and models are now available on-line from the McGraw-Hill landing page at With best wishes from Christophe Basso, France July 2014 About the Author Christophe Basso is an Application Engineering Director at ON Semiconductor in Toulouse, France, where he leads an application team dedicated to developing new offline PWM controllers specifications. He has originated numerous integrated circuits among which the NCP120X series has set new standards for low standby power converters. Further to his 2008 book "Switch-Mode Power Supplies: SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs", published by McGraw-Hill, he released a new title in 2012 with Artech House, "Designing Control Loops for Linear and Switching Power Supplies: a Tutorial Guide". He holds 30 patents on power conversion and often publishes papers in conferences and trade magazines including How2Power and PET. He regularly te

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