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Teaching General Music in Grades 4-8: A Musicianship Approach, Hardcover, Illustrated Edition by Regelski, Thomas A. (Used)

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Hardcover: Illustrated Edition
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Publication Date: 2004-03-25
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Hardcover : 320 pages
Edition: Illustrated Edition
Author: Regelski, Thomas A.
ISBN-10: 0195137787
ISBN-13: 9780195137781

Product Description Teaching General Music in Grades 4-8: A Musicianship Approach is an ideal core text for both elementary and middle school general music methods courses. It offers unique coverage that bridges the traditional gap between these two courses. Author Thomas A. Regelski discusses the important physical, psychological, cognitive, and social developmental changes that occur in students in grades 4-8 (ages 9-14) and the implications of these changes for instruction in a variety of school organizational formats. Offering music educators both broad and detailed guidelines to fit the needs of this challenging age group, he takes a "musicianship approach" that regards general musical classes for grades 4-8 as an apprenticeship for lifelong musical involvement. The book establishes a rationale for general music education and then introduces an "Action Learning Model," which is based on current research in many disciplines, including a praxial theory of music education. This model focuses on musical learning and skills that have real-life applications and lifelong consequences. It treats classes as "musicianship laboratories" in which fundamental musicianship skills are explored and developed in conjunction with holistic musical actions involving composing, performing, singing, and listening. Teaching General Music in Grades 4-8: A Musicianship Approach offers "protocols" composed of detailed principles and guidelines that allow instructors to design their own lessons and tailor them to suit numerous conditions, including local curriculum, resources, and classroom size and layout. Each chapter ends with a down-to-earth "Nuts 'n' Bolts" section containing advice and recommendations that help teachers implement lessons. A glossary of key terms and ideas in music education is also included. Appendices provide a model curriculum, resources, and tips for using MIDI-based instruction and software. Review "This latest effort to bring constructivism and critical theory to life in the classroom is a powerful tool for teacher and educators. Regelski's work reminds us that music itself is a living and developing thing, full of potential meaning in students' lives. The common mistake of teaching the way we were taught can lead one to meaningless terminology and inconsequential music instruction. To grow as a musician and as a teacher is to challenge a mindless status quo, and Regelski's new text does just that."-Katherin Strand, Indiana University from Philosophy of Music Education Review To read the full review, cut and paste the following URL into your browser: About the Author Thomas A. Regelski is at State University of New York, Fredonia.

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