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Tensor Technology Guide: Tensor Ring Benefits And Uses

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This book contains instructions and more

Explanations on the precise calculations regarding Tensor ring effects on the Human DNA for educational purposes. This book is formed for you to learn easily and implement these instructions for your own daily rejuvenation thru the tensor technology. With my own experience I have been able to increase my DNA Conductivity thru ought my body and thus awakening my senses to a much higher level. I want you to embrace this healing technology as I did and increase your daily functions.

​⅓ Cubit (2.6” diameter) 8.1” inch length

½ Cubit (3.2” diameter) 10.2” inch length ¾Cubit (4.8″ diameter) 15” inch length

Sacred Cubit (6.5” diameter) 20.63" inch length

Lost Cubit (7.5” diameter) 23.49" inch length

Empowerment Cubit (9.2” diameter) 28.8" inch length

​Sacred Cubit emits a frequency of 144 MHz

Lost Cubit emits a frequency of 177 MHz

Empowerment Cubit emits a frequency of 188 MHz

“When Tensor rings are put under your bed, it effectively neutralizes negative fields of the Geo-pathetic origin. Tensor rings can also be utilized to increase your current meditative state. Effectively cleans the body’s Aura when slowly lowered from the head going down to the foot, then reaches the back part of the body, it has been said that it can Mend bones in an efficient way”.