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The Bloomsbury Anthology of Aesthetics

The Bloomsbury Anthology of Aesthetics provides teachers and students with a new perspective on the history and present of aesthetic theory. It contains a comprehensive survey of the field of aesthetics, with selections drawn from ancient, medieval, renaissance, modern, and contemporary sources. It provides readers with a radically new perspective on the genesis and development of aesthetic theory by including an expanded section on early modern aesthetics. The Anthology likewise pays special attention to the interdisciplinary nature of aesthetics, reconstructing some of the dialogues in literary theory and art criticism that gave rise to philosophy's more systematic efforts. It introduces readers to contemporary debates by including a number of thinkers not yet anthologized. It contextualizes these positions by situating them in terms of the history to which they are responding. In short, The Bloomsbury Anthology of Aesthetics brings course materials up-to-date with the state of the discipline.