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The Ethics Primer for Public Administrators in Government and Nonprofit Organizations, Paperback, 2 Edition by Svara, James H.


Paperback: 2 Edition

Publication Date: 2014-02-21
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Paperback : 260 pages
Edition: 2 Edition
Author: Svara, James H.
ISBN-10: 1449619010
ISBN-13: 9781449619015

Product Description This concise text is a reader friendly primer to the fundamentals of administrative responsibility and ethics. Your students will come away with a clear understanding of why ethics are important to administrators in governmental and non-profit organizations, and how these administrators can relate their own personal values to the norms of the public sector. Since the publication of the first edition of The Ethics Primer, there has been significant change in the climate of public affairs that impacts the discussion of ethics for those who serve the public in governmental and nonprofit organizations. The new edition reflects those changes in three major areas: • Ethics in an era of increasing tension between political leaders and administrators over the role and size of government. • Ethical choices in making fiscal cuts or imposing new taxes in the face of the greatest economic crisis since the Depression. • Ethical challenges to established practices in public organizations. The Second Edition also offers thoroughly updated data and sources throughout, as well as examples that incorporate new research and new developments in government and politics. The Second Edition of The Ethics Primer for Public Administrators in Government and Nonprofit Organizations: • Introduces readers to the fundamentals of administrative responsibility and provides comprehensive coverage of the important elements of ethics. • Features an accessible and interactive approach to maximize understanding of the subject. • Includes information on the nature of public service and the ethical expectations of public administrators, as well factors that may lead to unethical behavior. • Written from a political perspective, the book addresses questions that are highly salient to persons working in government and nonprofits. • Offers helpful ways to link ethics and management in order to strengthen the ethical climate in a public organization. About the Author James H. Svara is a highly recognized scholar on leadership and political-administrative relations. His previous books include Leadership at the Apex: Political-Administrative Relations in Western Local Governments co-authored by Poul Erik Mouritzen (University of Pittsburgh Press) and The Facilitative Leader in City Hall (CRC Press). He is a fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration, an honorary member of the International City/County Management Association, a founding member of the Board of the Alliance for Innovation, and former member of the National Council of the American Society for Public Administration. He co-chaired with James Nordin the Working Group to Revise the ASPA Code of Ethics from 2011-2013. He is Research Professor in the School of Public Affairs and Visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Government. He formerly taught and held administrative positions in departments of political science and public administration at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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