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The Life Model of Social Work Practice: Advances in Theory and Practice, Hardcover, 3rd Edition by Gitterman EdD, Alex


Hardcover: 3rd Edition

Publication Date: 2008-05-27
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Hardcover : 632 pages
Edition: 3rd Edition
Author: Gitterman EdD, Alex
ISBN-10: 0231139985
ISBN-13: 9780231139984

Product Description Originally published in 1980, this seminal work was the first to introduce an ecological perspective into social work practice. The third edition expands and deepens this perspective, further developing the basic premise that, by being situated within the people:environment interface, the social work profession is distinct from other service professions. The book presents the "what" (theories and concepts) and the "how" (practice methods) to help people with their life stressors and, simultaneously, to influence communities, organizations, and policymakers to be more responsive to them. In this edition, Gitterman and Germain examine major changes to our socioeconomic and political landscape. They restore a chapter on the history of social work practice, offering a view of the limited services for African Americans provided by settlements and charity organization societies. Building on the African American self-help and mutual aid traditions, this chapter traces the replication of a parallel social service system by African American leaders for their own communities. The chapter also addresses the impact of contemporary societal trends, including the global economy, immigration, cultural changes, and the technology revolution. In addition, it discusses current professional contexts of managed mental health care, evidence-based practice, and the professional uses of technology. A new chapter explores issues and processes embedded in assessment, practice monitoring, and practice evaluation. The volume continues to feature innovative schema for assessment and intervention with respect to stressful life transitions and traumatic events, environmental pressures, and dysfunctional interpersonal processes. Practice illustrations offer reflections of today's major social issues, such as AIDS, homelessness, and modern forms of violence. Review Alex Gitterman has set his sights on nothing less than defining social work practice in its broadest sense and at the same time providing details that allow us to understand our work with specificity. He has truly engaged the enormous quantity of knowledge that has emerged since the publication of the last edition, and his ability to incorporate all of this into one book is masterful. He has captured social work at a time in which our profession is increasingly difficult and has found a way to help us reason through the 'wicked problems' we face in an uncaring and frequently oppressive society. -- Jacqueline Mondros, dean, Hunter College School of Social Work Alex Gitterman and the late Carel B. Germain are seminal thinkers on this topic, and their extremely comprehensive, scholarly text is a refreshing break from many of the social work practice texts that are available. Its scholarship is first-rate. -- Meredith Hanson, Fordham University, Graduate School of Social Service About the Author Alex Gitterman is Zachs professor and director of the doctoral program at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work. He is the coeditor of Mutual Aid, Vulnerable and Resilient Populations, and the Life Cycle, Third Edition, and author of The Handbook of Social Work Practice with Vulnerable and Resilient Populations, Second Edition, which won the Robert Wood Johnson Award for excellence in end of life content. Currently, Professor Gitterman serves on the board of the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups and as a commissioner on the Commission of Education and Curriculum Innovation and chair for the group work symposia of the Council on Social Work Education. The late Carel B. Germain was emerita professor of social work at the University of Connecticut. She is the author of Human Behavior in the Social Environment and editor of Social Work Practice: People and Environments.

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