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The Nature of Leadership, Paperback, 3 Edition by Antonakis, John


Paperback: 3 Edition

Publication Date: 2017-10-12
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc
Paperback : 584 pages
Edition: 3 Edition
Author: Antonakis, John
ISBN-10: 1483359271
ISBN-13: 9781483359274

Product Description With contributions by leading scholars in the field, The Nature of Leadership, Third Edition begins with an overview of the major schools of leadership, examining individual differences, followership, relational leadership, and team leadership. The text then delves into important and timely topics such as social cognition, gender, power, identity, culture, and entrepreneurial leadership.  Editors John Antonakis and David Day conclude by exploring philosophical and methodological issues in leadership, including ethics and corporate social responsibility. The fully updated new edition is more accessible and student friendly than ever with new vignettes, examples, statistics, and recommended case studies and videos.  Review “This is the definitive higher-level textbook on leadership and leaders written by key scholars. It provides a broad collection of engaging texts for both students and researchers.” Oliver Mallett Durham University Business School “This book provides a rich kaleidoscope of the field of leadership in all its complexity. It is the one must-have leadership book for students with an interest in leadership and in leadership research.”  Jeanette Lemmergaard University of Southern Denmark, Department of Marketing & Management “A valuable text that draws together a comprehensive range of approaches to leadership theory.” Ness McHugh Edinburgh Napier University “This textbook while an excellent survey of leadership, also introduced new elements that are not addressed in other texts.  It is a superb addition to the body of knowledge related to leadership and I will be adopting it for my leadership classes.” Charles B. Daniels, Ph.D., PEM, PMP Old Dominion University “It covers significant aspects of leadership thought and is a very good text for graduate leadership students.”  Theodore Brown Sr. Oakwood University Curated by two prominent leadership experts of our time, David Day on leadership development and John Antonakis on leader charisma, this handbook is a gold mine for students of leadership. Whether coming to the topic for the first time or going back to review various specific areas, readers are sure to find value. This handbook pulls together the top authors in the field writing on their explicit specialties in chapters that combine both research findings and practical cases. The chapters provide an easy way to catch up on the research in that area and to see its practical import. Susan Ashford University of Michigan In this volume two of the world’s pre-eminent leadership scholars have assembled a stellar cast of researchers to explore the broad range of perspectives that inform contemporary understanding of this immensely important topic. The result is a volume that explores the rich landscape of leadership with unrivalled breadth and penetrating depth. This will be an outstanding resource for readers of any disciplinary and professional background who want to journey to the heart of this fascinating field and to have to have a 360-degree appreciation of what it is all about. Alexander Haslam Many leadership books are written up in a rather scholastic and dry way as an exhaustive review of the literature. The Third Edition of The Nature of Leadership is different. Providing both conceptual and empirical findings written by leading scholars in the field, as well as mini case studies, practical examples and TED-style talks, this book gives students the opportunity to gain valuable and up-to-date academic knowledge and insights on leadership, while making students discover a passion for leadership. Ronit Kark Bar Ilan University Antonakis and Day join forces once again to shepherd a stellar group of scholars in crafting a comprehensive guidebook for the student of leadership. The Nature of Leadership first educates the reader about major leadership paradigms—groundwork for then exploring current leadership issues. The result is a rich and authoritative examination of what leadershi

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