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The Neural Basis of Motor Control, Paperback, First Printing Edition by Brooks, Vernon B. (Used)

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Paperback: First Printing Edition
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Publication Date: 1986-05-22
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Paperback : 344 pages
Edition: First Printing Edition
Author: Brooks, Vernon B.
ISBN-10: 0195036840
ISBN-13: 9780195036848

Product Description This authoritative study synthesizes physiology, neuroanatomy, kinesiology, and psychology in a thorough introduction to motor control. Readers will learn how the nervous system processes information, how the brain learns from previous experience and self-adjusts, and how behavioral intent is fitted into the circumstances of the moment. Throughout the book, the author considers questions of adaptation, motor learning, and guidance by the limbic system. Superbly illustrated and highlighted by many clinical examples, this volume is a clear, up-to-date account of motor control for students and professionals in the neurosciences, physical and occupational therapy, rehabilitation medicine, and kinesiology. Review "A timely and important text....Can serve as a textbook for a complete course on motor control as well as a useful general reference for researchers in a variety of disciplines. Brooks has succeeded in presenting an overview of the field and has also given us a sense of the current theories and controversies, a testimonial to both his vast knowledge of the field and to his clarity of presentation....This volume contains a wealth of information that can be of value to basic researchers, clinicians, and others interested in movement and movement disorders." --The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine "A most useful book about motor control which is informative and up to date . . . Professor Brooks succeeds in his aim to provide a useful account for those in the health and allied professions with a professional interest in the management and treatment of patients with motor disorders." --Quarterly Journal of Experimental Physiology "Succeeds admirably....This is the most lucid and succinct introduction to the field of motor control. If you have been waiting for the basic book that will introduce you to the field of motor control, this is it." --Somatics "The information provided is very impressive."--JoAnn Kluzik, Boston University About the Author Vernon B. Brooks, Professor of Physiology, University of Western Ontario.

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