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The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology (Oxford Library of Psychology), Paperback, 2 Edition by Lopez, Shane J.


Paperback: 2 Edition

Publication Date: 2011-10-07
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Paperback : 744 pages
Edition: 2 Edition
Author: Lopez, Shane J.
ISBN-10: 0199862168
ISBN-13: 9780199862160

Product Description The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology is the seminal reference in the field of positive psychology, which in recent years has transcended academia to capture the imagination of the general public. The handbook provides a roadmap for the psychology needed by the majority of the population -- those who don't need treatment but want to achieve the lives to which they aspire. These 65 chapters summarize all of the relevant literature in the field. The content's breadth and depth provide an unparalleled cross-disciplinary look at positive psychology from diverse fields and all branches of psychology, including social, clinical, personality, counseling, school, and developmental psychology. Topics include not only happiness but also hope, strengths, positive emotions, life longings, creativity, emotional creativity, courage, and more, plus guidelines for applying what has worked for people across time and cultures. About the Author Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., is Associate Professor, Department of Psychology and Research in Education, University of Kansas. C.R. Snyder, Ph.D., was Wright Distinguished Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Kansas.

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