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The Primary Care Provider's Guide to Compensation and Quality: Paperback edition, Paperback, 2 Edition by Buppert, Carolyn


Paperback: 2 Edition

Publication Date: 2011-07-11
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Paperback : 458 pages
Edition: 2 Edition
Author: Buppert, Carolyn
ISBN-10: 1449646581
ISBN-13: 9781449646585

Product Description This book has been updated to provide practical advice for primary care providers (PCPs) about major trends that have emerged over the past several years, such as growing patient enrollment in managed care health plans, performance evaluation of PCPs by outside agencies, and the dramatic increase in billing being audited. This book links quality and reimbursement issues, using a systems approach that clinicians may incorporate into their practice. The included CD-ROM contains customizable forms, with checklist progress note forms for the 20 most common primary care diagnoses and checklists of 20 primary care tasks for HEDIS measurements. About the Author Carolyn Buppert, JD, MSN, is an attorney who focuses on the legal issues affecting medical practices and nurse practitioners. She is the author of eight books and an instructional CD. Her clients include hospitals, health systems, physician and nurse practitioner practices, a health insurance company, nursing homes, schools of nursing and a certification organization. She is a frequent contributor to The Journal for Nurse Practitioners and Links to her many articles and books can be found on her website, She lectures extensively on avoiding malpractice, negotiating contracts, how to avoid legal pitfalls when prescribing, and how to comply with federal regulations on billing and coding, HIPAA, and hospital relationships with physician practices. She practiced as a nurse practitioner for 16 years before devoting her efforts full time to law. She lives and practices as an attorney in Boulder, CO.

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