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The Quest for Meaning: A Journey Through Philosophy, the Arts, and Creative Genius, Paperback by Cooney, William (Used)

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Publication Date: 1999-12-08
Publisher: University Press of America
Paperback : 282 pages
Author: Cooney, William
ISBN-10: 0761815260
ISBN-13: 9780761815266

Product Description The Quest for Meaning explores the deep-seated human need to create a life that is meaningful. In an effort to understand this need, author William Cooney examines the works of philosophers from Plato to Sartre as well as the insights of artists, poets, writers, psychologists, and film-makers. He discusses the nature of humanness, creation, freedom, and choice, all of which are facets of a meaningful life. Cooney also addresses postmodernism, arguing that it does not offer real guidance for those seeking a life of significance. Maintaining that some ways of creating meaning are preferable to others, he concludes that it is up to each individual to craft a meaningful life and that this process must take place within a context of giving and receiving. Review The Chapters on Kierkegaard and Nietzche, Marcel and Sartre are really special. The distinction drawn between curiosity (problem) and metaphysical uneasiness (mystery) and the relation of the latter to the nature of human creativity is stunning. (Albert Randal, professor of philosophy, Austin Peay State University) About the Author William Cooney is Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, International University, Florida.

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