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The Red Book of Winchester Values (4th Edition) - Very Good

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New Edition-Available July 14, 2016. The Red Book of Winchester Values helps Winchester collectors accurately price Winchester rifles and shotguns. This updated and expanded 4th edition provides beginning and advanced collectors with valuable new resources and information: Expanded introductions for 1,598 Winchester rifle and shotgun models identify each specimen with greater accuracy. Complete listings begin with the Henry rifle to every model of Winchester and most variations from 1862 to 1963. Specific descriptions cover Winchester's huge array of calibers and gauges. 796 period-correct photos show specimens from Winchester's four major production periods. 9,588 current values by condition allow pricing by the six classes of specimen condition most commonly seen in collections. Credible research reflects the most current and accurate serial number/date of manufacture list available from the original Winchester Polishing Room records from the Buffalo Bill Firearms Museum in Cody, Wyoming. Editor is esteemed author Bert Hartman, Historian and Board Member of the Winchester Arms Collectors Association (WACA) and moderator of WACA and Gun Broker's "Ask the Experts" forums. In these tough economic times, hard assets like precious metals and Winchesters are seen as a more secure investment. They have traditionally held their value. Gold sales have exploded, and interest in Winchesters has steadily increased. Included in this edition is an illustrated comparison and analysis of gold and Winchester values. More than just a solid investment, Winchesters are works of art and the product of amazing workmanship by craftsmen whose skills are seem to be disappearing in today's tech-based society. The Redbook of Winchester Values, 4th Edition, is an invaluable source for Winchester collectors to be used as a reference source in evaluating and improving their own collection. It presents the most accurate and informed reference text of current values.