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To Win a Nuclear War: The Pentagon's Secret War Plans, Paperback by Kaku, Michio (Used)

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Publication Date: 1999-07-01
Paperback : 374 pages
Author: Kaku, Michio
ISBN-10: 0896083217
ISBN-13: 9780896083219

Product Description Provides a startling glimpse into secret U.S. plans to initiate a nuclear war from 1945 to the present. Based on recently declassified Top Secret documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, this book meticulously traces how U.S. policy makers in over a dozen episodes have threatened to initiate a nuclear attack. From Library Journal The authors, both university physicists, maintain that U.S. nuclear policy for the past 40 years has not been one of deterrence as publicly stated, but rather has been one of threatening the use of nuclear weapons. This policy has been documented in such book as the New England Regional Office of the American Friends Service Committee's The Deadly Connection ( LJ 4/15/86) and Barry M. Blechman and Stephen S. Kaplan's Force Without War: U.S. armed forces as a political instrument ( LJ 3/1/79). Nonetheless, the authors' thorough analysis of recently released Pentagon documents provides the basis for a description of the nuclear war fighting strategy of the Reagan adminstration. The authors also outline the attitudes and biases of U.S. nuclear strategists and policymakers. Recommended for public and university libraries. Dennis Felbel, Univ. of Manitoba Lib., Winnipeg Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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