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Trading and Pricing Financial Derivatives: A Guide to Futures, Options, and Swaps

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Trading and Pricing Financial Derivatives is an introduction to the world of futures, options, and swaps. It is a suitable textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in finance. Many self study investors who are interested in deepening their knowledge of derivatives may find the book useful. The book was written by the authors for use as a core textbook at King's College London, England, where they both teach. This book is designed for a general audience and is suitable for beginners through to those with intermediate knowledge. While it is not possible to fully understand the subject manner without any mathematics, this book does not presuppose advanced mathematical knowledge, and tries to explain every concept as clearly as possible. Patrick Boyle and Jesse McDougall have worked in the financial markets since the late 1990’s at international investment banks and hedge funds. They also teach derivatives and investment courses at the Master's level to economics and finance students.