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Trick Geography: World--Student Book: Making things what they're not so you remember what they are!

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“I can’t believe how much I just learned!” That was one mom’s response after observing a single class session of Trick Geography. Trick Geography: World Student Book (Teacher Guide and Test Book sold separately) is a simple, yet powerful geography curriculum which routinely moves students from geographic illiteracy to command of world countries, Canadian territories and provinces, their capitals, and major world bodies of water, mountains, peninsulas, and deserts in less than a year. And all with ease and high retention! How does it work? Morocco looks like a maraca, so we trace the dotted outline of a maraca drawn inside the country's border. The capital is Rabat, so we circle the robot (Rabat) shaking the maraca (Morocco). It's THAT easy!Physical features are taught using simple connections. "The monkey (Mongolia) grew a goatee (Gobi Desert)." Delightful graphics, phonetic connectors, dot-to-dots, and fill-in-the-blanks facilitate multiple learning styles and make the process more like a game than a curriculum. Trick Geography is easy enough for elementary students yet sophisticated enough for the high schooler and adult. It is ideal for home or school settings. Teachers appreciate the simple instructions which require virtually no prep time or learning curve and which give students the option of going through the program on their own. Evaluation is a cinch with the companion test book which includes comprehensive tests presented in matching format. Recommended for ages 8 to adult. 182 pages. Teacher guide required. (The Trick Geography: USA edition is also available.)