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User's Guide to Plastic 2E: A Handbook for Everyone

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For many years, I had the idea of writing a book about injection molding, as I have spent over 45 years of my working life on this subject. When I retired in 2009 I was given great support by my friends Katarina Elner-Haglund and Peter Schulz of the Swedish plastics magazine Plastforum, who asked me to write a series of articles about thermoplastics and their processing for the magazine. I was also hired at this time to work with educational programs at the Lund University of Technology, the Royal University of Technology in Stockholm, and a number of industrial companies in Sweden, as a result of which this book was developed.

My aim has been to write in such a way that this book can be understood by everyone, regardless of prior knowledge about plastics. The book has a practical approach with lots of pictures and is intended to be used in secondary schools, universities, industrial training, and self-study. In some of the chapters there are references to worksheets in Excel that can be downloaded free from my website. In addition to the above-mentioned persons, I would like to extend a warm thanks to my wife Ingelöv, who has been very patient when I’ve been totally absent in the “wonderful world of plastics” and then proofread the book; my brother Hans-Peter, who has spent countless hours on adjustments of all the images etc; and my sonin-law Stefan Bruder, who has checked the contents of the book and contributed with many valuable comments.

I would also like to thank my previous employer, DuPont Performance Polymers and especially my friends and former managers Björn Hedlund and Stewart Daykin, who encouraged the development of my career as a trainer until I reached my ultimate goal and dream job of “global technical training manager”. They have also contributed with a lot of information and many valuable images in this book. I also want said a big thank you to my friends and business partners in all educational programs in recent years, who have supported me and contributed with many valuable comments, information and images for this book, and a special thanks to those who have made this printing possible thanks to the ads in the beginning. The whole list would be very long but you will find some of them in the list of internet links in Chapter 31.

In this Second Edition: In this edition contains greatly expanded coverage of extrusion, collected into a new Chapter 20. There are also a number of new and updated figures, with numerous small improvements and corrections throughout the text. These are complemented by an all-new professional layout and structure, which I hope will help readers to navigate the book comfortably. I would like to thank Mark Smith at Carl Hanser Verlag for all the support that I received during the last years with my book in various languages.

Ulf Bruder

Karlskrona, Sweden