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Museum Registration Methods, Paperback, Fifth Edition by Buck, Rebecca


Paperback: Fifth Edition

Publication Date: 2010-05-03
Publisher: American Alliance Of Museums
Paperback : 534 pages
Edition: Fifth Edition
Author: Buck, Rebecca
ISBN-10: 1933253150
ISBN-13: 9781933253152

Product Description The first new edition in a decade of this famous "Bible of the museum registrar." Rewritten, expanded and fully updated, Museum Registration Methods, Fifth Edition encompasses all that needs to be known and done when a museum accessions, measures, marks, moves, displays, or stores an object or artifact of any kind. Museum Registration Methods, Fifth Edition includes expert advice from more than 60 acknowledged leaders in their disciplines. New to the fifth edition are special teaching sections that challenge students and seasoned staff alike with questions about the process and procedures of accessioning and caring for objects. Contains bibliography, glossary, and multiple sample forms. Published in cooperation with RC-AAM, the Registrars Committee of AAM. Review MRM5 gives us the foremost example I can cite of the best minds in the field working together continuously for the benefit of all our museums and the publics we serve. The collective wisdom of more than 100 registrars and other experts is found on the pages of this book. It belongs on a shelf, within easy reach, in every museum. --Ford W. Bell, President, American Association of Museums

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