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Wild Mammals in Captivity: Principles and Techniques for Zoo Management, Second Edition, Paperback, Second Edition by Kleiman, Devra G.


Paperback: Second Edition

Publication Date: 2012-12-10
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Paperback : 592 pages
Edition: Second Edition
Author: Kleiman, Devra G.
ISBN-10: 0226440109
ISBN-13: 9780226440101

Product Description   Zoos, aquaria, and wildlife parks are vital centers of animal conservation and management. For nearly fifteen years, these institutions have relied on Wild Mammals in Captivity as the essential reference for their work. Now the book reemerges in a completely updated second edition. Wild Mammals in Captivity presents the most current thinking and practice in the care and management of wild mammals in zoos and other institutions. In one comprehensive volume, the editors have gathered the most current information from studies of animal behavior; advances in captive breeding; research in physiology, genetics, and nutrition; and new thinking in animal management and welfare.             In this edition, more than three-quarters of the text is new, and information from more than seventy-five contributors is thoroughly updated. The standard text for all courses in zoo biology, Wild Mammals in Captivity will, in its new incarnation, continue to be used by zoo managers, animal caretakers, researchers, and anyone with an interest in how to manage animals in captive conditions.  Review “It seems easy to predict this book will remain the standard on captive mammal management for years to come. It is a fitting testament to Dr. Kleiman’s life work and represents the combined experience of many of the finest people in the field.” -- Roberto F. Aguilar, Journal of Mammal Evolution “The zoo industry has changed radically in recent years, with emphasis on animal welfare and conservation at the forefront. . . .This book is a good place to start for any zoo professional to become updated with the current direction. This does not mean that it is the final word on all that is out there and all the authors admit that, but I think this what makes it a must read. . . . The wealth of information in all of these chapters should lead us down the next ten years and beyond to create zoos that are examples of superior welfare.” -- Jennifer Tobey, San Diego Institute for Conservation Research, Animal Welfare "Zoos should be staffed with those who have made Wild Mammals in Captivity their essential textbook." -- on the first edition, Times Higher Education "This book is a milestone in the field of the management of wild mammals and can be highly recommended." -- Ethology, on the first edition "This is an outstanding book!" -- Desmond Morris About the Author Devra G. Kleiman (1942–2010) was principal of Zoo-Logic, LLC, Chevy Chase, Maryland; senior scientist emeritus at Smithsonian National Zoological Park; and adjunct professor at the University of Maryland.  Katerina V. Thompson is director of Undergraduate Research & Internship Programs in the College of Chemical and Life Sciences at the University of Maryland . Charlotte Kirk Baer is principal of Baer and Associates, LLC, Silver Spring, Maryland.  

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