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A Timber Framer's Workshop: Joinery & Design Essentials for Building Traditional Timber Frames, Paperback, 3 Edition by Steve Chappell (Used)

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Paperback: 3 Edition
Used: Very Good

Publication Date: 2011-06-01
Publisher: Fox Maple Press
Paperback : 252 pages
Edition: 3 Edition
Author: Steve Chappell
ISBN-10: 188926900X
ISBN-13: 9781889269009

Product Description This revised edition of A Timber Framer s Workshop has over 150 new photos and includes updated engineering specifications for pegged joinery, along with expanded in-depth technical information on the joinery, design and construction of Traditional Timber Frames. The major portion of A Timber Framer's Workshop was first written back in 1983. Over a period of a number of years several revisions and additions took place, as it was used as the handout workshop manual for Fox Maple Timber Framing Workshops. At last, it was published for general distribution in 1998. When this book was first published in 1998, scientific testing results for pegged mortise and tenon joinery simply did not exist. The corollaries that could be made at that time were drawn from testing results for bolted connections. This is common in engineering as the essential physical laws concerning force and motion, primarily Newtonian physics, are symmetrical. However, nothing ever beats a direct test for a specific condition as the results end with an emphatic exclamation point. In the past five or six years testing has at last been carried out for a number of the most common pegged joinery conditions and the results have been published. The impetus for this revision was in large part to update and to include these new testing results so that the readers would be privy to the latest engineering results available for timber frame joinery. Along the way, over 150 new photos and drawings were added and editorial additions were made to clarify specific conditions, or to more fully explain a critical aspect of timber framing. While the essential book is the same, virtually every element is expanded in some way to paint a more vibrant picture of the technical aspects of how to build a traditional timber frame. In addition, there is an expanded element of color and nuance to help the reader more fully understand the magic of timber framing... and that timber framing really is the Jazz of building. Illustrated with over 500 photos and CAD drawings. Review Among owner-builders, the traditional timber frame has been held as a pinnacle of achievement--for its rich history, unsurpassed beauty, and the sense of accomplishment it can offer. As founder and director of Fox Maple School of Traditional Building, Steve Chappell--author of A Timber Framer's Workshop/i>--is in a unique position to share the knowledge he's aquired over the past 30 years. The title page says this book has been a work in progress for 15 years. The detail offered in illustrations and explanations supports that completely. Design and engineering make up a good part of this bookbut it also includes an essential introduction, a section on tools, wood characteristics, and joint details, among many other subjects. The point is, Chappell's 256-page book should not be overlooked if you are serious about timber framing. -- Back Home Magazine, Sept/Oct 1999Thank you for A Timber Framer's Workshop. I have been wanting to add a book like this to Earthwood's Book Catalog for years. Other books in the field are either glossy coffee table fare (pretty to look at, but lacking in hard-core info) or they are not particularly user-friendly. It's great to see a timber framing book which is logically organized for easy extraction of the essential information. We are pleased to add your crisply written textbook to our list. --Rob Roy, Director, Earthwood Building School, October 1999Throughout the book, Chappell shares an infectious love of the art of timber framing. A journeyman carpenter would be able to cut a timber frame with the information presented in this book...His comprehensive 'Joinery Design', 'Tension Joinery', and 'Roof Framing & Truss Design' sections are technical enough to hand to your engineer, but also comprehendable by the layman --Fine Homebuilding From the Inside Flap Steve Chappell is a builder at heart and a teacher by nature. His journey in timber framing began on t

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